Manufactured Superstars en Cancun este 7 de Septiembre – Palazzo Cancun

Palazzo presents:

[[[ Manufactured Superstars ]]]
Insane night
Saturday, September 7th

VIP Table & Open Bar Available.
RSVP: 848 8380 ext 114
Twitter: @palazzodisco

 $60 usd open bar $40 usd cover.


«Brad [Roulier] was a co-founder of Beatport and he is currently a founding member. [Shawn Sabo] was an original employee of Beatport in charge of marketing, and I am a current member. We are not as involved in the day-to-day at Beatport since we’ve formed MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS and are devoting all of our time to touring, DJing live, producing our own music and releasing new singles, doing remixes for other labels, shooting music videos, traveling, etc. But we do attend the monthly meetings at Beatport so we are involved to some extent. There is an excellent team running Beatport day-to-day. Brad is also co-owner of Beta Nightclub in Denver, one of the best clubs in America which was also voted #1 by fans»


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